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1. Name
  The name of The Society is "Head Tax Families Society of Canada"
2. Purpose
  The purposes of The Society are:
a) to seek a just and honourable redress of the Chinese head tax and the exclusionary Chinese Immigration Act.
b) to educate Canadians on the contribution of Chinese pioneers.
c) to promote racial harmony amongst all Canadians.
3. Declaration of Trust
  The Society is a non-profit organization and acknowledges that all investments, including the income therefrom, is and will be held in trust pursuant to the Constitution and By-laws to further the objectives of The Society. In the event that The Society is liquidated or ceases to exist, all of its assets and funds shall be transferred to another society having objectives and purposes similar to those of The Society.
4. Personal Gains
  No persons connected with The Society, other than those who may be deemed employees of The Society, shall derive any personal gain or profit arising out of or as a result of his or her association with The Society.
5. Non-Profit Status
  The Society shall function as a charitable and non-profit organization Non-Reporting Society
6. Non-Reporting Society
  The Society shall not be a reporting society
7. Unalterable Provisions
  Articles 3,4,5,6 and 7 shall be unalterable provisions of the Constitution.


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