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Bylaws of the Head Tax Families Society of Canada

6.1 Immediately following each annual general meeting the directors shall convene to elect from their number the following officers: president, vice-president, secretary and treasurer, each of whom shall hold office until the conclusion of the next general meeting. If the directors so choose, they may elect co-positions for vice-president, secretary and treasurer.
6.2 An election of officers may be by acclamation, but otherwise it shall be by ballot or show of hands.
6.3 If an officer resigns his office or otherwise ceases to hold office, the directors shall appoint a member to take the place of such officer and such appointee shall hold office until the conclusion of the next annual general meeting and shall be deemed a member of the board of directors for the same term.
6.4 The directors may by special resolution relieve an officer before the expiration of his term of office and may from their number elect a successor to complete the term of office.
6.5 Where the president has not previously held office as president the immediate past-president shall be deemed to be a member of the board until the conclusion of the next annual general meeting.
6.6 A quorum for any special meeting shall be a minimum of ten voting members in good standing at the date of the special meeting.
6.7 A quorum for an executive meeting shall be a majority of the members of the executive
7.1 The officers shall, in addition to carrying out the duties set out in the bylaws, carry out duties as outlined for the respective officers.
a) The president shall preside at all meetings of The Society and of the directors.
b) The president is the chief executive officer of The Society and shall supervise the other officers in the execution of their duties.
7.3 The vice-president shall carry out the duties of the president during his absence.
7.4 The secretary shall:
a) conduct the correspondence of The Society;
b) issue notices of general meetings and meetings of the board of directors;
c) keep minutes of all meetings of The Society and directors;
d) have custody of all records and documents of The Society except those required to be kept by the treasurer;
e) have custody of the common seal of The Society; and maintain a registry of members, or delegate such maintenance to his assistant.
7.5 In the absence of the secretary from a meeting, the directors shall appoint another person to act as secretary at the meeting.
7.6 The treasurer shall:
a) Keep the financial records, including books of account, necessary to comply with the Society Act; and
b) Render financial statements to the directors, members and others when required.
7.7 The offices of secretary and treasurer may be held by one person who shall be known as the secretary treasurer.

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