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Bylaws of the Head Tax Families Society of Canada

8.1 At each annual general meeting the members may by resolution appoint an individual or a committee to review the financial statements to be presented at the next annual general meeting.
8.2 An individual so appointed may not be a member of the board of directors.
8.3 A committee so appointed shall comprise three persons, one of whom may be a director but not an officer of The Society.
8.4 Prior to the publication of the annual financial statements, the individual or committee so appointed shall meet with the board of directors to discuss any matters which bear on the fairness of financial disclosure in such statements.
8.5 Where any points of dissension cannot be resolved with the board of directors, such points are to be disclosed in a report accompanying the annual financial statements.
8.6 An individual or committee submitting such a report shall be entitled to receive due notice of the annual general meeting and to attend such meeting.

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