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First Annual General Meeting

On November 25, 2007, with over 100 people in attendance, Head Tax Families Society of Canada held it's first Annual General Meeting at SUCCESS in Vancouver, BC. In the audience were many friends of our Head Tax campaign, including

Ms. Margaret Mitchell was presented with a honourary membership for her contribution of over 20 years in seeking an inclusive redress. In her speech, Ms. Mitchell mentioned how the Chinese Exclusion Act separated families and that the current apology is "not fair to families and needs to recognize children and grandchildren".

A new board of directors was elected:
The Society would like to thank past interim directors for all their support and hard work.

The new executive will continue seeking a meaningful and inclusive redress for our members, particularly the elderly sons and daughter of Head Tax payers who were directly affected by 62-years of racist legislation in Canada

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Behind the certificates

Behind each certificate is at least one story. More often than not there are three or more. Join is here and in Behind the certificates pages for some of these stories.