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W2TV: Canada Day Redress Rally 2011 from Sid Tan on Vimeo

Head Tax Families Sixth Annual Canada Rally in Chinatown:
Call for Completion of an Inclusive Just and Honourable Redress

Vancouver BC – On July 1 members of Head Tax Families Society of Canada (HTFSC) and supporters gathered for the Sixth Annual Chinatown Redress Rally. This marked the sixth anniversary since Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his government imposed an unilateral partial redress. The annual rally renewed the call for good-faith negotiations with representatives of head tax families to complete an inclusive just and honourable redress.

Head Tax Families members and supporters gathered in front of the Monument to Chinese Railway Workers and War Veterans at the Corner of Columbia and Keefer in Vancouver’s Chinatown. Guests included Libby Davies, member of Parliament, and Meena Wang.

The group then marched to the W2 inside the Wordward's Building. The route was along Columbia, east on Pender, passing in front of the Chinese Cultural Centre before turning north on Abbot.

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