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The BC Liberal wants to mine ethnic votes

Just a little over two months before the next BC provincial election, the opposition party, NDP, tabled a "17-page Multicultural Strategic Outreach Plan" which reveled a BC Liberal party "Quick win" scheme targeting the province's ethnic minorities who had suffered historic wrongs which still haven't been rectified.

One of our members had wtitten to her MLA on the matter:

Dear Dr. Stilwell,

I just want to let you know that as a Canadian of Chinese descendant, I am very disappointed by the recent actions of the BC Liberal Party.

While it is admirable to want to address the historical wrong of imposing a head tax on only the Chinese immigrants, and of which the BC provincial government had financially gained from, your party did a great disservice when you consulted with Bill Chu and Thekla Lit. They are in no way associated with the Head Tax Families Society of Canada (HTFSC). In fact, it is my opinion that Bill Chu only attaches himself to issues that will garner large amount of public attention! Why is Bill Chu currently being interviewed by the mainstream media as if he was the face/voice of the Chinese Canadian community if it wasn't true?

My family have two head tax payers - our great grandfather and grandfather - as ancestors. The only organization that speaks for our family and many families like ours, is the HTFSC. Unless the HTFSC is consulted on the matter of the Chinese Head Tax Redress, the BC Liberal Party is not serious about this issue and seeks only to win "ethnic votes".

My household consists of four adult members and we are your constituents. I will be contacting other members of my family to contact their MLA immediately.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Lily Lee

The leader of the Opposition, Adrian Dix, stated his and his party's position on this historic injustice:

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