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Former Van East MP Margaret Mitchell to be Honoured:
Lifetime Membership in Head Tax Families Society of Canada

Vancouver, BC – Margaret Mitchell, Member of Parliament for Vancouver East (New Democrat) from 1979 to 1993, will be recipient of an honourary lifetime membership in Head Tax Families Society of Canada. She received the unanimous approval of directors for her long-time efforts to call for a just and honourable redress for Chinese head tax and exclusion legislation from 1885 - 1947. Beginning in 1983 on behalf of constituent Dak Leon Mark, a head tax payer, Ms. Mitchell was the first MP to raised the issue in the Commons and continues to champion an inclusive redress for head tax families.

Time: 11:00am call time – program to begin shortly after
Date: Sunday November 25, 2007
Place: SUCCESS Choi Hall, 28 W. Pender Street, Vancouver

As an NDP Member of Parliament, Margaret Mitchell inspired generations of women with her public stand against "wife beating" with her vocal support for women's equality. She spent 14 years in the Commons advocating for affordable housing, multiculturalism, and the rights of poor people. Ms Mitchell worked tirelessly on issues that are alive today, including redress for the Chinese Head Tax, and childcare. The Margaret Mitchell Fund for Women, which Ms. Mitchell established after her retirement, continues to support women's self-help projects and scholarships. Her book, No Laughing Matter: Adventure, Activism and Politics, is due shortly with proceeds of book sales to accrue to the fund.

The Head Tax Families Society of Canada is today's Canadians on a twenty-three year struggle for an inclusive redress with justice and honour for affected head tax families. Go to www.headtaxfamilies.org for more information.

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