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Head Tax, the Redress movement

An Invitation to Attend

a panel discussion on Head Tax, the Redress movement and Stephen Harpers Apology

An invitation to Students and Non-Students to attend a University of British Columbia, History 483 (Asian Migration to the Americas) Class History Project. Four students from the class are presenting this event. Our focus is to provide an opportunity to reflect on the early history of Canadas Exclusion Laws, the enactment of the Head Tax on Chinese Immigrants, the Redress movement and impact of Stephen Harpers historic apology.

Date: March 28, 2009
Time: 2:00 4:00 P.M.
Location: St. Johns College, UBC
Fairmont Lounge
2111 Lower Mall & University Blvd.
Our guests speakers
Sid Chow Tan President Chinese Canadian National Council
President Head Tax Families Society of Canada
Grace Schenkeveld Teacher: Sir Richard McBride Elementary
Gim Wong WWII veteran - see video at bottom page
Other participants
Jackie Cheng Moderator, UBC History 483 student
Andrew Chan Student
Ashleigh Chong Student
Edwin Chow Student UBC History 483
Phillip Chu Student UBC History 483
Tony Leung Student UBC History 483

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